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The surrounding towns and village offer the best backdrop for active relaxation with plenty of fun. Endless paths with gentle hills, enchanted places and magnificent meadows. Water sports, trekking, hiking, cycling, walking, skating, golf and horse riding - those are the types of leisure activities that people can enjoy wholeheartedly. The most difficult question is - what to do first?
Löwen Langenargen is located centrally at the Lake Constance and offers excursions for adults and children alike.
Where others may take a bus, the guests of Löwen Langenargen just step across the gangplank directly onto the boat. This way, all towns and villages along the lake are easily accessible. Bregenz, Lindau, Friedrichshafen or Meersburg for example. And from Friedrichshafen it continues towards Switzerland or via catamaran towards  Konstanz.  
Lindau and its island epitomise Bavarian tranquillity and elegance. Friedrichshafen is home of the Zeppelin, known for the new Dornier-Museum, the elaborate Zeppelin museum and the factory, where excited passengers can go aboard. Mainau and Reichenau, the island of flowers and vegetables, are the most famous destinations of Lake Constance. The lush Barockkirche Birnau between Uhldingen and Überlingen, the Uhlding Lake Dwellings and the Affenberg [monkey mountain] near Salem with countless Berber monkeys that are frolicking throughout the huge outdoor enclosure. Salem Castle , with the world famous boarding school and uniquely impressive gothic cathedrals is one of the most beautiful and important cultural monuments of the Lake Constance region. Life at Droste, Germany's oldest, inhabited castle and cosy timbered houses on steep roads can be admired in Meersburg.

The Euregio Lake Constance, which includes Switzerland, Austria and Liechtenstein - with the Swiss Hausber Säntis and the spectacular mountain railway, with the picturesque Unesco world heritage site St. Gallen, and its Stifsbibliothek, Switzerland's oldest library and the world's largest and oldest monastic libraries, with the Rorschach-Heiden rack railway, which quickly reaches a great height that offers a magnificent view of the lake, with Alpine countryside and pretty towns and villages along the lakeside. A park and the Arenenberg Castle, near the Swiss shore at the same height as the Island Reichenau, where you can find the Napoleon museum. And don't forget: Austria with Bregenz, a town for leisure and shopping but also a cultural stronghold with the fantastically floating Festival Stage and the absolutely outstanding Kunsthaus. Bregenz is an ideal starting point for many excursions to the Pfänder, hiking peak over Lake Constance with eagle observation point and wildlife park and into the Bregenz Forest , where you can expect cosy villages and famous architecture.